Modest Web Dreams

Anyone Can Do It

Have you thought about having your own little website? Modest web dreams are not far-fetched or silly. Everyone knows something well enough to share it with others. Even you. A simple site with just a few pages of ideas, photographs, or maybe cool stuff is a great way to highlight and share something that's important to you.

Not necessarily something big that offers a complete Financial Back-Up Plan, just something small and simple. It's not as hard as you might think. . . 

What about your hobbies -- do you make things, take pictures, draw? Others who share your interests would welcome the opportunity to see your work and learn from you. Family reunions -- what a great way to share photos and family member updates. Are you a writer, poet, historian, or singer? Share it! Brag on it! Teach it! 

Bluehost offers an economical and simple. Just a few dollars a month provides a number of powerful features and options.Make no mistake, this isn't some fly-by-night half-baked service. Economical does not mean cheap.

Bluehost provides a variety of services and levels, plus options on what type of web presence you'd like to have. And, one of my favorite things, real people that answer questions promptly and politely. As an experienced web builder, I've created and managed several sites of varying degrees of complexity. Without fail, I've stumbled, misinterpreted instructions, and often bumbled through the tasks. I'm not an expert web builder, but I am an expert customer support user. Being able to communicate with real people is invaluable when there's a problem.


If you can dream it you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.

Walt E. Disney


If, instead of modest web dreams, you imagine yourself creating a website that not only expresses your passion for something, but also generates your livelihood in ways you haven't even imagined yet, then go for it! Don't hesitate or talk yourself out of it. 


Big or small -- make your web dreams reality!



There are many online sites with information about the heritage of quilting in America. Some are excellent, containing well-researched scholarly information, such as The International Quilt Study and Museum at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Others, such as Block Central's Quilt Directory contain links to many fine sites that pertain not only to the history of quilts, but to other elements of quilting as well. 



Can't Find It? Look Here!

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Project Linus of Lubbock, Texas has a lovely website with a handful of pages, lots of images, and important information for visitors hosted by Bluehost. Easy to set up, maintain, and lots of flexibility to grow, all at a cost reasonable enough for a tiny 100% volunteer local nonprofit organization.