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Lisa J. Allen, MEd, MSIS
University Librarian (retired)
Lubbock, Texas

Quilting-in-America is a site devoted to information about quilts and quilting in the United States of America and the part it has played in our history.

I created this website because quilting is still very much a "social" activity, but unlike the pioneer women gathered at quilting bees learning from one another as they shared stories, laughter, and labor, modern quilters frequently turn to the Internet for information about quilting.

I did it, so can you!

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In my searches for information I was frequently frustrated by the uneven offerings. There is a lot of quality on the Web for quilters, but I still had trouble finding answers to many of my questions. Knowing I couldn't possibly be the only person with those questions I decided to make a site that addressed those questions for others. 

Pretty audacious! But incredible fun to see the work come to life. My entire career has been about helping people find the information they want or need. This website lets me do that.  

Lisa Allen : teacher, librarian, quilter

Of the 4 girls in my family, 3 of us quilt. Following in the footsteps of many creative, resourceful women before us, we are 4th generation quilters. We grew up with quilts and stories about them.

During my studies to become a teacher, I prepared many lesson plans incorporating quilts in the lesson. These lessons connected to social studies, history, mathematics -- they offered meaningful ways to bring real life into the classroom.

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It was the beginning of my own research into the many ways American life and history have been impacted by quilts and quilting. This website is the continuation of my research and teaching--my online legacy to  family and heritage.

As a librarian in a small university library, I taught students to find, evaluate, and use information. Not all information, whether printed or electronic, is valid or valuable. Equally important to remember, not every author is an authority. Acknowledging my own limitations, I will refer to sources of information written by authors with more expertise. Credit will be given and full citation information or Web links will be provided.

While this site is not a scholarly source, many of the resources used to find information are. Please refer to the Bibliography and Quilt Books pages for the citations and linking information to a wealth of information from resources that are appropriate for use in scholarly research.

I hope visitors to Quilting-in-America will critically read, think and evaluate, always considering their own background knowledge. Also keep in mind that I would never knowingly write false or misleading information. Criticism, comments, suggestions or corrections are encouraged.

Thank you for visiting Quilting-in-America.