Lubbock Project Linus

Project Linus busy blanketeers

The finale of the year's hard work and generous giving of the blanketeers was the Lubbock Project Linus 2009 Workday on November 14th. Nearly a dozen blanketeers gathered at the Groves Public Library, some with their sewing machines, others with their yarn or fleece, for several hours of work.

Project Linus bags of donated blankets

Many other blanketeers stopped by to drop off blankets.

Project Linus blanket -- baby blue fleece

Library patrons, peeking into the conference room as they entered the library, were encouraged to come in and ask questions or pick up a Project Linus brochure.

While many fleece blankets are made with a "no-sew" technique where a tied fringe is made all around the blanket, there are others that have a crocheted border around the blanket.

Project Linus blankets -- little heart fleeces

Different types and colors of yarn, as well as a variety of stitches, adorn those blankets providing a lovely edge.

Several blanketeers gathered at a table to learn or practice new techniques for crocheting several different types of stitches around fleece blankets. They also shared hints about preparing the edge of the fleece and types of yarn.

At another table quilters gathered to practice making beautifully mitered corners on quilt binding. One of the most difficult skills to master in quilt-making is attaching the binding (the fabric around the edge of a quilt) perfectly at the corners.

At another table several blanketeers chatted while sewing special Project Linus labels on each of the blankets and thoroughly checking them for stray threads or forgotten pins.

Project Linus blankets -- with blue quilt

Regardless of the type of blanket they're making, Lubbock Chapter Project Linus blanketeers take the time and effort to make carefully crafted blankets for the children who will be receiving them. They also generously share their knowledge and expertise with each other.

Project Linus blanket -- red pink and white crochet

The blankets were passed to the final table where the local coordinator double-checked the completed blankets. Mounds of blankets were thoroughly checked yet again to be sure no stray threads or pins lingered. Then bag after bag of blankets were loaded into her car to be distributed to local children who may benefit from a warm hug from people who genuinely care.

Lubbock Project Linus 2009 was an amazing year that resulted in a total of 1234 warm, cuddly "hugs" in the form of finely crafted blankets, quilts, and afghans for traumatized children of all ages in Lubbock.

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