Amish Log Cabin
Simple Complexity

Amish Log Cabin quilt block

Differing slightly from their regular, or "English," log cabin counterparts, Amish Log Cabin quilt blocks have one less round of fabric so the blocks are an even number of strips across.

Amish Log Cabin quilt block diagram The first square is part of the cabin, but not the true center of the block. This difference yields a slight difference on the weight of the light and dark sides of the block. In an "English" Log Cabin block, they're essentially equal, but in the Amish Log Cabin they are most certainly not.

Amish Log Cabin quilt top -- Straight Furrows

In this configuration of Log Cabin blocks, known as Straight Furrows, there is a diagonal flow of darks and lights. In the quilt top, the difference in the weights of lights and darks is much more apparent than in the single block.

Log Cabin quilt -- Straight Furrows
©Courtesy of hayabusagirl

In contrast, this "English," or traditional, Straight Furrows configuration of the Log Cabin blocks has equivalent diagonal rows of lights and darks. It is a slight, yet very apparent difference.

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