Quilt Talk

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Quilters love to share--quilts, techniques, humor, help. They talk about quilts, compare ideas, and provide encouragement and enthusiasm. Some are solitary workers, enjoying the quiet of their work. Others are social, participating in guilds, groups, and clubs.

Mar 04, 2018

Applique Quilts

Fabric designs applied to another fabric to create applique quilts

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Jan 24, 2018

African American Quilts

Creativity and improvisation, common characteristics of many old African American quilts, provide insight into a rich heritage and history.

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Dec 08, 2017

Quilting in America | The Fabric of Our Past, Present and Future

Originally produced to warm the body, quilting in America has evolved into an art form of texture, pattern and colors that warm the soul.

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Nov 29, 2017

Brightly colored patchwork quilt created between 1874-1952

This quilt was sewn by my Great-Grandmother, Maggie Hellman in Lebanon, Pennsylvania sometime between 1874-1952. I would like to get an idea of its age

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Nov 29, 2017

Name this Pattern?

I bought a duvet cover at a local thrift store this weekend. I knew it had some kind of comforter in it but when I got it home and stripped off the cover

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