Old Signature Quilt

by Marc
(Hopkinsville, KY USA)

Twenty white flowers on a field of black

Twenty white flowers on a field of black

Twenty white flowers on a field of black
Each flower petal has a hand-stitched name

Black with 20 white flowers or stars approximately a foot around, each with ten petals or rays and each of the ten has the hand-stitched name of a person on it.

Two hundred individual names, none of which seems to be an ancestor of mine, so I don't know why it is in my family's possession. I'm trying to find out the why of it and if it's valuable.

Perhaps this is not the right place for me to do that, but it's the first I saw that looked like someone might help me.

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There are many online sites with information about the heritage of quilting in America. Some are excellent, containing well-researched scholarly information, such as The International Quilt Study and Museum at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Others, such as Block Central's Quilt Directory contain links to many fine sites that pertain not only to the history of quilts, but to other elements of quilting as well. 



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