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Video & Audio

Enhance your webpages easily and inexpensively with images, video, and audio. Increase interest and traffic by providing vibrant color, sound and movement without detracting from your message.

Video clips can enhance your webpages . . .

  • Motivational videos for any niche market including fitness, business, Internet marketing, self help, and more!
  • Use in sales videos
  • Create animated .gifs out of the videos
  • Use as the backdrop for Web 3.0 squeeze pages (with the videos)
  • Use for videos for your clients
  • Background for PowerPoint slides
  • Other projects like music videos, movies, viral videos, etc.

But Can You Afford It?

If you've visited popular stock image and video sites, such as iStock photo or Dreamstime, you know there are some wonderful images and video available for purchase, but the cost may be prohibitive. Using your own images or video clips may be a solution, but only if you've got the equipment and ability. Poor quality images or video is worse than none at all.

What if you could an affordable collection of HD video and audio clips that you can use to enhance your webpages AND also have resell rights to sell them as if they were your own? Would that be worth a look?

Here's your chance to get full access  to work that was actually created and edited by an award winning filmmaker, so you can profit twice -- first by enhancing your website and then by sales of the fabulous audio and video clips.

Can You Afford To Ignore This?

According to a recent study the video niche is up 40% since 2011, and it is only going to keep getting larger. This offer won't be available long, so take a look before it disappears. Even if you don't resell them to make a 100% profit on the internet, getting these 52 HD stock video clips for your personal and professional use is a must. 

Do you know stock footage websites like iStock photo and Dreamstime are charging $79 to $170 for a single HD clip? The three guys on this offer are charging way less than that for 52 HD stock video clips ... Watch the video here!


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