McKenna Ryan

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Quilter, designer, and entrepreneur, McKenna Ryan has developed a unique style that inspires quilters to become artists. Her intricate appliqué patterns show the beauty and textures of the natural world.

McKenna Ryan captures depth and dimension with the use of fabric, while still making projects that are easy and fun. Her stunning fabrics, simple appliqué methods and easy-to-follow quilt patterns make her designs enjoyable for quilters of all skill levels.  Her fusible appliqué method is truly as easy as trace, cut, iron, then add stitches.

McKenna Ryan on Love of Quilting

Watch McKenna explain her beautifully simple fusible appliqué method to Marianne Fons as they create three dimensional elements! 

See the entire process, from tracing the pieces onto the fusible all the way through to McKenna topstitching the quilt block! Classic quilts, such as Bella Garden, Storybook Farm, Petals of My Heart II, and Naturally McKenna are showcased in this episode of Love of Quilting.

Visit the McKenna Ryan store, Pine Needles Designs where you can find McKenna's gorgeous quilt patterns, and fabrics, and everything you need to make a beautiful project.


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