Grandmother's Fan Quilt

by Carolyn Sowell
(Lubbock, Texas, USA)

Mother's precious Grandmother's Fan Quilt

Mother's precious Grandmother's Fan Quilt

This beautiful Grandmother's Fan quilt was made by my maternal grandmother, Minnie Williams, in Rosewood, Upshur County, Texas. Carefully stitched in one corner of the quilt is the date, "March, 1934." The fabrics used in the quilt are lavender solid with a coordinating print, a solid yellow-green with a coordinating print, set on solid pink with a light pink lining. I remember as a child the quilt being "put up for company," therefore it received little wear and tear and is still in excellent condition.

My grandmother, Minnie, made many, many quilts. She would not waste even the tiniest scrap of fabric. One of her quilts, a Flower Garden quilt, was pieced from hundreds,
maybe thousands, of tiny 1-inch hexagons -- some of which were actually pieced from 3 or more scraps!

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